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Wellness & Action Bulletin

  • Depression isn’t *a* real thing. I am not saying depression doesn’t exist, I’m just saying that it is actually many things, and that what we tend to call “depression” is really just a mash up of lots of different types of human suffering, with different causes, courses and manifestations. Depression is best known as a specific […]

  • I am not a person who pays attention to celebrity news. Partially that is because I have two small children and never get to watch movies, and partially it is because I’m just not that interested. Now and again some tragic something flies through my Facebook feed in a flurry of heartfelt and emotive reactions, […]

  • Last week I contrasted the prevalent aphorism to “let go” of difficult experiences, as exemplified by the hit song from Frozen “Let it Go”, with the similar but fundamentally different approach of “Letting it Be”. This process is best represented, obviously, by the Beatles song “Let it Be.” I called it the wisest song in […]

  • Have you ever been told that you really need to “let go” of something? Have you ever given that advice to anyone else? The idea of letting a painful thought, emotion or memory go is a very appealing one. Painful emotional experiences such as regret and resentment tend to have a “sticking around” kind of […]

  • Its pretty much common knowledge at this point that physical activity is likely to confer psychological benefits. I just wrote last week about how to take advantage of this effect by adopting a particularly convenient strength training program. This week, I want to focus a bit on how exactly adopting a strength and conditioning program might be psychologically helpful. […]

  • What do you think of when you think of strength training? Do you think of benefits to cognitive and mental health? Probably not. You probably think of big weights, barbells and lots of grunting. You might think of “gym rats”, overly-muscled guys with tight shirts and biceps like softballs. You might think of crossfit-training obsessives, […]

  • This question of what comprises the optimum human diet is one that has been absolutely beaten to death in recent years. It is a puzzle that never seems to be quite solvable. In fact, it isn’t that the answers seem just out of reach, much research actively contradicts other established research. This is quite fortunate […]

  • This is a phrase I just made up. It uses technical jargon, so it sounds Significant, but really it is just a label I’m assigning to something I’ve observed again and again, in myself, my friends and people I work with. I’m using this term to discuss an experience, I am not using it to […]

  • Have you ever had one of THOSE days? One like this: You probably have. Most of us have at some point, some more than others. They are no fun. Miserable, even. Everything seems cloudy and dark. Some times these moods come out of the blue, with no explanation. Other times they seem to be the […]

  • Don’t Believe Everything You ThinkOne of the more difficult aspects of dealing with anxiety and depression is that in each case, your closest confidant and most intimate adviser is probably busy giving you terrible advice. Sometimes, your mind isn’t really your friend. If you have ever struggled with anxiety, depression, or anything similar, you probably relate pretty well to […]
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