Health And Wellness

Did you know that counseling can make you healthier? Many of the most common physical ailments that folks deal with are a result of a combination of lifestyle and environmental factors. For instance, chronic workplace stress often leads to smoking or overeating, busy lifestyles can crowd out time for exercise, and the pressures of family life can overshadow the more leisurely pleasures of simply spending time with loved ones.

Research tells us that quality nutrition, physical activity, strong social ties, good sleep and proper stress management can combat conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Additionally, these same factors can improve one's struggle with chronic pain. What these factors have in common is that they are behaviors that can be changed through lifestyle adjustment.

Just because our lifestyles can be adjusted does not mean it is easy to do. This is where counseling can really help. At Spoon River Counseling & Wellness, we specialize in helping you make exactly these sorts of changes. Nathan Gates, SRC&W's primary provider, spent five years with the award-winning WellnessNow program in suburban Denver, Colorado, developing and implementing programming to help his patients make the kind of behavior changes needed to enhance and extend their lives. From smoking cessation to pain management, from weight loss to increased physical activity, wellness counseling from Spoon River Counseling & Wellness can help.

We also offer "family makeover" consultations and counseling to help your whole family improve your health and well being.

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